The Classroom Favorite Silent Fidget Toy!
”I teach M.S. Autistic Support and this item is well used! Students will just sit there while working and touch it or roll the ball through the maze when feeling anxious. It's a nice calming down activity.” - Rosemary S

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Improves concentration and focus

A marble mat has been placed between layers of fabric and is pushed around the rows with up and down manner. It's a great way to de-stress, focus and develop fine motor skills.

Recommended by teachers and therapists

Fidget Marble Maze also provides a sense of accomplishment, allowing for confidence as a warm-up before higher-skilled tasks

Keeps the wiggles and fidgeting away

Easy to manipulate and mesmerizing fun. Teachers find this to be a great resource for keeping active hands busy.
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"This is a great fidget toy! If you got a kid that really struggle keeping their hands to themselves, this is awesome!" - Julie 

Jason Hsieh
Founder & Proud Father of an Autistic Genius
Being an Autism Dad myself, I understand the struggle and frustration that families go through on the daily basis. That is why I created LakiKid with goal to make a world a friendlier place for kids with all abilities!

Our mission is to help kids affected Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder by providing support, advice and product that will reduce anxiety improve attention span, sleep better and embrace confidence in their senses. So they can live a life full of possibilities!

Thank you for believing in our product! Looking forward to serve you in the LakiKid community! 

Jason Hsieh

P.S. If you are not satisfied with LakiKid product within 30 days, we will issue you a full refund no question ask!
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