Autism Awareness Month
 ($500+ Value)
Celebrate Autism Awareness month and join us to have some fun! From April 1 to April 30, 2024, we will be choosing one lucky winner of the entire Gift Bundle every week! The winner will be announced every Friday on April12, April 19, Apriel 26 & May 3. Winners are limited to residents of the United States. 
What You'll Win
Calm Down Corner Kit 
Fidget Marble Maze + Fidget Bubble Pop+ Weighted Animal Lap Pad + Weighted Neck Pillow + Writable Weighted Lap Pad + Calm Down Corner Printable ($129.88 Value)
- Sponsored By LakiKid

The Calm Down Corner Kit offers children a valuable resource for managing emotions and self-regulating effectively. This kit includes weighted lap pads and neck pillows, providing deep pressure stimulation that triggers the release of pleasure-inducing chemicals like dopamine while reducing stress hormones like cortisol. 

Paired with fidget toys, these tools offer a comprehensive sensory experience that encourages calmness, regulation, and refocusing. Particularly beneficial for individuals with autism, this kit provides essential sensory input to help navigate overwhelming situations, promoting emotional well-being and aiding in self-regulation during moments of stress or anxiety.
Focus Fidget Bundle
Fidget Computer Mouse + 2 Pack Fidget Key Chain ($51.99 Value)
- Sponsored By Hedgehog Health

Introducing the Hoglet Fidget Computer Mouse, the ultimate blend of productivity and relaxation! This innovative wireless mouse not only fulfills your computing needs but also serves as a fidget gadget, making it perfect for individuals who seek sensory stimulation or benefit from tactile learning. With its plug-and-play functionality and easy-to-clean silicone construction, it offers convenience and durability. 

Paired with our Hoglet Keychain, a portable stress relief tool featuring a soft, soothing texture, this bundle provides on-the-go relaxation and focus enhancement. Lightweight and visually appealing, it's the ideal solution for promoting productivity, reducing stress, and improving focus, especially beneficial for individuals with autism, providing sensory engagement and support for enhanced comfort and concentration during tasks.
Enhanced Writing Readiness Kit
4 Pack Handiwriters + 4 Pack Sportswriter + Wacky Web ($66.85 Value) 
- Sponsored By HandiThings

Introducing HandiWriter™ and SportWriter™, innovative tools crafted to enhance writing grip for children kindergarten age and up. Trusted worldwide, these aids feature wrist and utensil loops adorned with charming accents for effortless grasping. Available in a range of colors and packages, they seamlessly integrate fun, learning, and fine motor development. Additionally, our Wacky Web play mat offers a vibrant, interactive experience for quiet, on-the-go enjoyment. 

Especially beneficial for individuals with autism, these tools provide structured support and sensory engagement, aiding in skill development and fostering a sense of comfort and control during writing activities.
Blackout Bed Tent
Premium Light Blocking Tent ($99 Value) 
-Sponsored By zDen

Your ultimate sleep solution! Crafted for simplicity, this non-tech, drug-free retreat blocks over 99% of light, recreating nighttime darkness for optimal sleep. Versatile and portable, it's perfect for deep sleep, daytime napping, or creating a serene atmosphere for meditation. It's durable, lightweight, and requires no assembly – simply pop it open and enjoy. CPAP user friendly, it accommodates 2 hoses for uninterrupted sleep, ensuring everyone experiences faster and more comfortable rest. 

Additionally, the zDen Bed Tent provides a comforting environment that can be particularly beneficial for individuals with autism, offering a secluded space with reduced sensory stimuli to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.
Bee Savvy: A Buzzworthy Strategy Game
The Bee Savvy Board Game($45 Value) 
-Sponsored By Bee Savvy Game

Bee Savvy Game is an engaging strategy board game where players step into the shoes of bees, managing and expanding their hive through the seasons. Based on real bee biology, the game presents players with various challenges, from finding flower patches to surviving extreme events like bear attacks, pesticides, and storms. Easy to learn but challenging to master, Bee Savvy Game offers 30-60 minutes of fun for ages 8 and up. 

For individuals with autism, the structured gameplay and sensory elements provide a stimulating and educational experience, fostering cognitive skills and strategic thinking while promoting social interaction and engagement.
Hands-on STEM Exploration and Water Play
Just Add Fruits & Vegetables STEM Kit or BobBee Bath Toy ($27.98 Value)
-Sponsored By Griddly Kids

Just Add Fruits & Vegetables STEM Kit: A captivating blend of science and art designed to inspire creativity in budding scientists and artists alike. With over 20 engaging activities, including experimenting with Fruits & Veggies stamps and the intriguing Potato Battery, this kit encourages hands-on exploration of topics like chemical reactions, osmosis, germination, and electricity. Notably beneficial for individuals with autism, this comprehensive kit offers a stimulating and structured learning experience, fostering curiosity and enthusiasm through interactive STEAM activities. 

BobBee Bath Toy: With its versatile 3-in-1 boat design, BobBee sparks creativity and problem-solving skills while adding an exciting twist to STEM learning. Crafted from non-toxic silicone with smooth edges, BobBee prioritizes safety, making it perfect for toddlers and babies. Its interactive play fosters social-emotional skills like cooperation and communication, while also offering hygienic convenience and educational value. BobBee provides a stimulating and enriching experience, beneficial for individuals with autism, promoting cognitive development and social interaction in a fun and safe environment.

Please note that the winner will randomly receive either the STEM kit or the bath toy – it's a surprise!
Fun Buddies for Learning Kindness and Giving Back
Bene Bear, Sparkle the Dog or Seawhee the Turtle ($39.99 Value)
-Sponsored By Bene World

Introducing Bene Bear, The Bear With A Purpose! Bene Bear teaches kids about kindness, respect, and giving back, encouraging positive behaviors through a token reward system. With 15 tokens included, children can earn rewards by demonstrating acts of kindness and empathy. Sparkle the Dog and Seawhee the Turtle, Bene Bear's friends, offer additional lessons on kindness and cooperation, with a focus on animal welfare and ocean conservation respectively. Each package includes a unique activation code for printing an adoption certificate, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Helpful for individuals with autism, this structured reward system offers clear guidelines and tangible incentives, aiding in the development of social skills and reinforcing positive behaviors in a fun and engaging way.

Please note that the winner will randomly receive the Bene Bear, Sparkle the Dog, or Seawhee the Turtle – it's a surprise!
Compression Tube For Deep Pressure Relief
Super Cat Compression Tube or Cozy Caterpillar Compression Tube ($53.75 Value)
-Sponsored By Sommerfly

Introducing the Sensory Sock: Compression Tube by Sommerfly - a wearable swaddling blanket providing anxiety relief and self-regulation through deep pressure touch. Ideal for individuals with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder, this compression tube offers customizable intensity for a personalized sensory experience.

Designed by an Occupational Therapist, it promotes calmness and improves focus. Portable and easy-to-use, it offers essential sensory support for children, particularly beneficial for individuals with autism, enhancing emotional regulation and promoting calmness.

Please note that the winner will randomly receive the Super Cat Compression Tube or Cozy Caterpillar Compression Tube – it's a surprise!
The 3D Tunnel Book Craft Kit
3D Tunnel Book: Pond ($39.99 Value)
-Sponsored By Eye Connect Crafts

Introducing the 3D Tunnel Book: a DIY art and craft kit that lets you design and construct your own three-dimensional book! Dive into a world of creativity as you craft movable and posable animals, adding your unique story, poem, or research to share with friends and family. This all-in-one kit includes pre-cut pages, easy-to-pop-out pieces, watercolors, metallic markers, and step-by-step instructions, ensuring a hassle-free crafting experience. 

Helpful for individuals with autism, this kit provides a structured and engaging activity that promotes creativity, fine motor skills, and self-expression. Watch your imagination come alive as you create a visually stunning 3D tunnel book, showcasing your artistic talent in a tangible and impressive way.
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